Dan Mancini aka Dj Ladypills.

New Zealand born Dan Mancini aka Dj Ladypills is a critically acclaimed internationally touring / album releasing artist & Culture Director based in Los Angeles CA.

As a producer Dan has released commercial DJ remixes of a myriad of both independent artists and global superstars ranging from the White Stripes and Suicide to Serge Gainsbourg and Jay Z'.

As a touring DJ he has played globally recognised venues ranging from LA's Playboy Mansion to London's Brixton Academy.

As a Los Angeles based Culture & Nightlife Director, he has both programmed and collaborated on private events ranging from 'The Oscars' to the 'MTV Awards' while working alongside such legendary artists as Daft Punk & Madonna to Eminem & The Weeknd.

Dan was awarded via Readers Choice best DJ in Los Angeles 2014 by 'LA Weekly' magazine.
*For information on Dan's collaborative with his wife and creative partner Lindsay Mancini aka Dj Bettie Blue please visit www.TSRAIRLINES.com